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Updated: Jul 29, 2019

Words by Amy Ryan

Beginning unintentionally, Libero is just as new to its founder, Adam Appugliesi, as it is to the rest of the world. There were no elaborate plans or expectations from Adam to start a clothing brand, let alone to have that brand praised and featured in publications such as Highsnobiety after the release of its first piece. Libero sort of just...happened.

Adam owes the brand’s start to the first piece involved in the collection - the Le Mans jacket. Originally only creating six exclusively for his friends and family. From there Libero seemed to fall into place. For Adam, the Le Mans jacket will always reside in a special part of his heart. On top of being the first piece Adam ever created, each of the elements of the jacket are creative depictions of his closest friends; yellow for the biggest personality, the white stripe for the athlete, and the traditional silhouette for his friend’s loyalty.

Though the pieces of the current collection follow a similar theme to the original jacket, Libero can’t be described with one swiftly copied and pasted definition. Passionately described by Adam himself, “Libero is for the guy that wants to wear a Berluti blazer with a pair of Jordan 1s. The guy that might wear a pair of Common Projects and a Chelsea Jersey. Libero is for the girl that likes to shop in the men's section. Libero is for the girl that wants to wear an emerald green cardigan grocery shopping.”

As for the actual design process, Adam makes sure to give credit where credit is due. The founder doesn’t hesitate to make clear of the fact that he is not a designer with a extensive background in fashion. Instead, Adam’s experience is based on his personal expression through fashion. Because of this, Adam relies on a very important woman in his life to transform his ideas into tangible creations - his 75-year-old Italian seamstress. Adam makes sure to describe the collaborative process realistically, explaining that it usually involves “yelling at one another over an espresso and biscotti, her telling me what I am doing wrong and me telling her why the whole collection is based around the colour red.”

Pinpointing exactly where and how Adam gathers inspiration for his designs is a bit troublesome as the creator sees Libero as more of an idea company opposed to a brand. Adam wants people to stray away from viewing Libero under one light. Libero and its creations weren’t inspired by one thing or another but rather by different pit stops throughout Adam’s life. As Adam describes, these experiences range from “the movies I grew up watching with my older brother, the latest 50 Cent album I would download from Limewire, and spending five of the most formidable years of my life in Europe where I saw so many different styles of women and men dressing.”

With so much happening so quickly, such as an the next collection and pop-up events, it is difficult not to imagine where the brand will be in the near future. For Libero, a Toronto flagship store is definitely one of the main goals to be crossed off the bucket list. Adam wants to create a space with the ability to transport the customer into the mind of the brand; a meeting place for like-minded individuals, a spot people make time to visit. A Libero women’s line is also an important part of the plans for the near future.

Born and raised in Canada himself, Adam has stressed the importance of keeping all elements of the production process within Canada, explaining “it's important to me to keep it here because Libero is about family and the story of growth. This is where my family is and this is where I hope to continue to grow, not only myself, but the brand Libero as well.”

Though still in its beginning stages, there is no doubt that Adam Appugliesi and his team have exciting and impressive plans for the future. With the amount of passion and excitement Adam has for the brand along with the SS19 collection in the works, Libero is already on it’s way to becoming a significant contender in the Canadian fashion industry.

Find more from Adam and Libero at, and @adamappugliesi

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