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Updated: Feb 1, 2020

In the past year Brianna Corona left McMaster’s prestigious nursing program, released her first EP, was nominated for Best New Artist at the Mississauga Music Awards, and completely reinvented her style with a shaved head – which she rocks.

After trying to appease family with a nuclear path - school, job, family, etc – she found herself always being pulled back to music. “In school I was always distracted by music” she says. So, last year she did the thing we all wish we could do and just said Fuck It. She left school, shaved her head, and at nineteen, fully committed herself to her true passion: making music.

Standing all of 5.3ft tall, she has the soulful voice of someone twice her size, and despite her age has an emotional intelligence many people never reach. Being in her presence is quite incredible – on and off stage. She is a contemporary old soul; on the pulse, but always speaks with a message.

“I don’t want to lose the emotion in my songs ever. I think, for me, it’s important to have a message and always say something even if it is emotional. People want to feel something. They want something they can relate to.” She says about being a pop artist, a genre that often gets shrugged off as shallow and unemotional.

Emotion is key for Brianna; no matter how touchy the subject. On her first EP “Words”- released at the end of August 2019 – she dives right into it by discussing self-awareness, heartbreak, and addiction.

“It’s about the last year of my life and the things I saw people go through, the things I went through. It’s a year in a summary for me almost.”

And how was it shedding her skin for an audience?

“It’s nerve racking putting it out into the world because it’s people hearing my raw emotions, but that’s also the great thing about it because I have had people come up to me and say ‘that really touched me’ or 'I really felt what you were saying there’ and it reminds me that this is why I am doing this.”

Developing music that mixes the raw emotion in her lyrics with a beat that could make each of the songs a radio hit is difficult, but Brianna and producer Jovan Jovanov, from Global Music Entertainment, find a way to strike the perfect balance. They work together, Brianna crafting the lyrics - most of which come from endless files containing bits and pieces of songs in her notes app – and humming or playing the melody on the piano for Jovan to recreate with a pop twist.

Songs like ‘Words’ and ‘Guessing Game’ are examples of their great collaborative work (linked are their dope music videos). You can't help but want to be out on the open road (or stuck on TTC) belting out the lyrics. We are looking forward to more live shows from Brianna in the new year and - fingers crossed - new music next summer.

Check out “Words” on your streaming service and follow her on instagram, youtube, facebook, and twitter for new work and upcoming shows.

Shout Outs:


Videographer: Mike Onley

Drirector: Chris Di Staulo

Dancers: Danielle Ching & Yan Carlos

Media Crew: Lexie Galante

Company: TrePalm


Videographer: Lucas Wilson

Actor: Bryan Oliver

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