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Updated: Feb 1, 2020

Words by Carly Trinier

Nate Arges, aka Foreign Son, promises to break the mold of Toronto hip-hop with cool and composed music that focuses on beautifully crafted lyrics. Lyrics that match the early days of J.Cole, Kendrick, and Lauryn Hill. 

He strays from the current rap climate to create music that is both more substantial and truer to himself - with a guitar signature. 

“The guitar was the foundation for me.” He says, sipping on a bourbon cocktail, The Wu-Tang. “I was obsessed with it. It was all I wanted to do. I thought, how do I make this my own?”

Listening to guitar idols like Jimi Hendrix, Arges crafted a unique sound, which he later honed in university where he studied classical music. Most of his songs hang off of beautifully crafted riffs that punctuate each verse. As for his lyrics, there is no bravado in his work. His lyrics are not meant to be club anthems or a proclamation of self, but rather a discovery of self.

“We are in the golden age of Hip-Hop now. Kendrick and Cole. How could you not want to elevate?” He says about developing his lyrics, “I want to be part of a group of people to wake people up.”

Constantly working to elevate his lyrics and expand his breadth as an artist, Arges exposes himself in his work. He uses music to as a tool to paint a picture of his upbringing as a minority in a predominantly white Thunder Bay. He speaks to his past in his first EP, Get Well Volume I.

“[I felt] I shouldn’t be from here. Why are all eyes on me? It was hard to know what was going on being in the moment and writing helps look back and make sense of that.” He says, thinking back to the production of Get Well.   

In that first EP, he mirrors his lyrics with expansive and spacious sounds that bring you fully into his world as a youth. Now, Arges is looking forward. His new work is a transition as an artist and as a man from the past into future.

Currently he works as a solo artist, Foreign Son; in a group, Church, with @blake.murray; and in a collective with @kalisway and @blake.murray called Nomadic North.  

Follow his work at @foreignson_ @church_tha_group @nomadic.north and check out Church’s new single here.

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