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The long awaited LATEFEST is back for its second year this weekend – running from Friday until Sunday night – and will be a one stop experience for our favourite StayOutLate events. Birthed from the struggle of the pandemic, LATEFEST set out to be a platform for artists to still perform amid lockdown. The virtual event was a huge success and now, on its second year, LATEFEST has collected the best of StayOutLate events into one hybrid weekend of virtual and in-person experiences for artists and the public alike. Known for their educational panels for artists, parties, and curated performances, StayOutLate has brought it all together for this weekend’s events.

Day One, titled “Mother Mother”, kicks off the festival with a fully loaded panel on The Modern Music Fan - “a candid discussion between creators in the Arts & Entertainment community about their thoughts, feelings, and experiences on the modern music fan.” The panel includes Kazeem Kuteyi from New Currency; Tomi from rnb radar; T Nyce of Nyce sound; Oh Annie Oh of Night Dreams and Reprezent radio; Sonja, owner of Biblioteka; Jamila, owner of Art + tax; and Tremayne from StayOutLate. This panel is a continuation of the positive work StayOutLate has been doing to support the careers of emerging artists by keeping them educated and informed on the ever-changing landscapes of the music industry,

Day Two the hype begins with a call back of last year’s event, “Dumpling”, a party and five set DJ performance by PLAYGIRL, Summer Knocks, Baby Q, Wavy Oasis, and Digital Bones, hosted by Twist. A great opportunity, to mix, mingle, drink, and finally get out the house this weekend.

Day Three, is the sixth anniversary of StayOutLate’s “Full Circle” showcase. As always, Sunday night is dedicated to featuring talented Canadian hip hop artists on the come-up this year. This weekend’s lineup includes performances by Movin’ Cool, Devvy, Boyfrn, Charlie Noiir, Obuxum, Scotty IV, YoungWolf, Broco, and Tremayne. The night will be a crisp mix of hip hop, rnb, rap, and electronic.

As always, StayOutLate is giving us the opportunity with LATEFEST to experience the Toronto hip hop scene in all its faucets. The festival will be held at Paradise Theatre on Bloor St and you can get your tickets - panel, one day, or a three day pass – here.

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