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Updated: Feb 1, 2020

Words by Carly Trinier

With zero memories of their inspiration, Gen Z is finding a way to reinvent the 90s and bring back the fun that came with bold colours, wild materials, and all-day everyday athleisure wear.

Deanna Badi and Greg Gordon, founders of Sport Design, have started their own line of very - very - niche 90s inspired athleisure wear. What is the niche? Sport. Not the Nike and Adidas idea of sport though. Their niche is the word SPORT. It is their take on knockoff sportwear. The whole brand idea started off as an observation of knockoffs that missed the mark.

Greg starts, “We were walking around Chinatown and noticed there were random bags, shirts, socks; all these random things that just said sport. [We thought] what does it mean? Where does it come from?” 

Deanna continues, “We started noticing it was brands that had sport lines like Prada Sport, Tommy Sport, Polo Sport and then these random manufacturers knock it off by just having ‘sport’. Then we noticed it everywhere. They were just knocking it off. There was no brand, so we thought, why don’t we make a brand out of this phenomenon?”

On their third line now, Sport Design is coming into their own. Always focused on what they want to wear day to day, they create fun minimal pieces. Each piece is an ode to the 90s or their Chinatown inspirations, down to the packaging. In their first line, every item was housed in meat packaging as an ode to Chinatown. Their second line featured neon coloured socks and 90s style track suits. Even their promo videos were shot on an old camcorder. 

For their third line they are going even further to give us a knockoff that is knocked off then knocked off – three knockoffs – by designing each piece with another 90s inspiration. For this line you’ll see Sport Design imitating IBM, Costco, and Apple’s 90s looks on their t-shirts. They will also be bringing out classic shorts, a dad hat, and tie dye silk scarves. 

You can check out the new line here or hit them up at

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