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STAYOUTLATE, the Toronto based collective, is set to debut their first collaborative album this spring, teasing us with the recent release of their first single 'Wassup' ft. Casino Costa. This posse cut is a high tempo and higher energy introduction to the group's collaborative work.

The core members of the collective Tremayne, Charlie Noiir, and Scotty IV form the album's main contributors, but you can also expect features like Casino Costa and production by YoungWolf and Zep Fire to add to the album's diverse lineup. So how is the album?

"I'll give you the rapper response... It's crazy." Noiir starts, "We're going back and forth, we're rapping, we're singing, we're doing melodies. The soundscapes are really different. There are bouncy melodies on it, then there are dark melodies."

Part of the project stays true to their origins as solo performers doing shows together and creating feel good music for a high energy crowd, while other parts show more introspection and heartfelt lyrics to parallel the bad times and the good.

The group has been evolving from one form to another since 2014 when they formed the collective STAYOUTLATE. After a trip to Atlanta they realized the 'crabs in a bucket' mentality of their native city wasn't going to cut it if Toronto was going to make a true name for itself in the world hip-hop scene.

"We're still new," Tremayne comments, "It's starting to turn that way that we are supporting each other, but the reason why it's like that is because the Toronto hip-hop scene is still new. We've been around for a while but in comparison to West Coast, East Coast, and the South, we're still new. Now, we can look at what's around us and build together."

The collective has not only supported their own work, but have reached out to the city at large to put on shows and create their own bills to help artists perform and get paid, not swindled or finessed by suspect promoters. Recently, to support artists during COVID the team has put together a web series in collaboration with The Canadian Independent Music Association (CIMA) and MusicOntario to give artists resources and educate them on the business of music.

Though over the years their plates have been full with their individual careers, community outreach, and life in general, it is shocking that this is the first time we see them working together for one monolithic project to tie all their worlds into one. Shocking, but worth the wait as the project looks to bring together the best of each artist and showcase the effortless production style of both YoungWolf and Zep Fire.

It took the group heading off into the wilderness and spending four days removed from the world just to create to get into each others head space and create the foundation of this new record. Even then, the collaboration was ripe, but the idea of compressing their new work into an album wasn't a real consideration until they started performing back in the city.

"Naturally we're all performers, so we make something and think 'cool, when can we go out and show people this song?'" Tremayne says.

After performing, people started asking when the album was coming out and the boys had to decide if it was an album at all. Luckily, it was and this spring we can reap the benefits of their years of work together in one epic representation of the spirit of STAYOUTLATE.

Listen to Wassup on your streaming platform and hold tight for the big 2021 release to hopefully bring some summer bangers to get us through the hot city summer.

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