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Updated: Sep 18, 2020

STORRY is undisputedly one of the best vocalists in the city, being both classically trained and a rogue who sets out to define herself with inspired music rather than a definitive genre. It is with great pleasure that we now get to receive not one, but two pieces of work from her and finally are able to appreciate the breadth of her hidden talent. Her debut album CH III: The Come Up was a labour of love, loss, life and after four years, summarized in eleven songs. After leaving a long-term abusive relationship, she took to reimagining her pain into music.

“We had one hundred songs catalogued and we realized there were kind of like three or four segments of music because each year I was going through different emotions and different places of healing and experiences and so it was almost like it had already created itself that way into these chunks.” She says about the process, adding, “We chose the songs that were in a space and time close together. It wasn’t about the best songs, the biggest hits. I feel like I have better songs and bigger hits than the ones on this record, but it was important that this record was cohesive as a story more than having that one hit.”

The story rings through each song as an illustration of one piece of life, a portrait of a time of growth. The tone and production changes with each single so that while each track flows together, its hills and valleys allow for any listener to enjoy. Though her music is wide reaching, her message is not ambivalent. Each song depicts not only her own experiences but describes the female experience. She shows how formidable and powerful the female form is. Her's is a tale of finding her voice again after another tried to smother it and a message of hope to those stuck under someone else’s thumb.

She gives women the opportunity to fuck and be fucked, to triumph over misogyny, to puncture the fragile shield of male ego, and to once again resonate shamelessly with our femininity in whichever way it manifests. What's more, she does it with satire in a perfect operatic soprano.

“I inject humour and sarcasm and cynicism into the songs on purpose to allow a bit of lightness, so that the notes and the words can digest, and people can swallow them a little bit better.” STORRY adds about diving into difficult topics for listeners looking for escape or entertainment rather than a heavier load.

Despite being a professionally trained vocalist who could have leaned on those skills alone to create a flourishing career, she took the industry into her own hands by becoming her own writer, producer, director, and visual artist to see each project through from start to finish. She even mastered the tedious art of Claymation to fulfill her animated vision for the single ‘UP’ (see below).

When asked about the difficulties in being a multimedia artist, spending weeks producing art for her singles and whose work revolves around the most traumatic and delicate moments of life, she says, “It’s a blip in time. People are looking for the most extraordinary thing at the moment and then they’re swiping. Most people watch 30 seconds and then they’re onto the next thing... We are very passive consumers now.”

Now more than ever, being stuck at home for months on end, people are feeling the need for art and meaning in their lives. This birthed her second release of 2020, the EP INTERLUDE-19, which houses ten songs, each an interlude between forty-five seconds and three minutes long. INTERLUDE-19 is a meditation on the pause we have all taken this year and what it has caused us to reflect on, both vices and virtues. The whole project was written, recorded, and shot in ten days at Callabocamp.

STORRY explains, “It’s more introspective. There is almost no belting. It’s all soft and more about reflecting on these times. It’s about being in limbo. It’s about this interlude, this kind of pause in all of our lives…The idea was simplicity. I wanted it to be timely.”

STORRY has no doubt come at a time in our history where her music is not only timely, but timeless, with its memorable production and heart piercing lyrics. You can enjoy her music on your streaming platforms and subscribe to her YouTube to watch the full INTERLUDE series.

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